About us

Housing Investment Group Company is one of the largest and most effective operators in the construction industry in the country. With the support of 30 years of activity in mass construction, this company has always evaluated, selected and developed new technologies and increased creativity and innovation in the design, implementation and delivery of its projects. Therefore, research and development management has been formed as the central core in line with the strategic planning and management of innovation and technology of the group, and with the effective and constant cooperation of subsidiaries, innovation and numerous technologies in the feasibility, design and construction processes of new technologies to increase the speed of construction It has been presented and implemented to improve the quality and satisfaction of the project beneficiaries and in line with the economy of the project. The fundamental approach of the research and development unit is to evaluate, optimize, and apply new technologies in order to identify and compile the organization's technological portfolio, both in terms of hardware and software, which is effective in promoting organizational knowledge, social responsibility of the company, added value, and indicators desired by the beneficiaries of the project. Is. Also, the research and development unit of the housing investment group, in order to promote customer orientation, uses the techniques of assessing users' opinion using the quality function development method (QFD) in the design of new projects, as well as energy audits of some projects in operation in the direction of sustainable construction.

The goals of the research and development unit are:

Management and leadership of innovation in the housing investment group in accordance with the organization's strategies

Technical and executive empowerment of companies using new technologies, both in the field of goods and new services

Development of process innovations such as management systems and databases

Developing new design solutions and optimizing projects in line with sustainable construction

Managing the experiences and knowledge of the group in the field of experiences, lessons learned, innovations of group projects and identifying improvement opportunities.

Scientific and practical support for master's and doctoral projects of successful students in fields related to the construction industry and holding specialized meetings with technologists and innovators.

According to the policies of the housing investment group and research and development management, all students interested in practical projects as well as innovators and technologists of the construction industry are hereby invited to introduce their achievements and ideas in the field of new products, processes and services. You are invited to communicate with the research and development unit for the purpose of feasibility, optimization, commercialization or definition of joint applied research projects as well as pilot/prototype implementation of construction industry technologists' products in the innovation center of the group.